Induction billet heater for the heating of cast strands or billets before extruding

JunkerDynamicHeater(Trademark) - MC

The flexible type of heater is the induction heater. Where necessary, it allows the operator to set any desired temperature profile – the so-called "taper" – over the length of the billet for an isothermal extrusion process. As the induction furnace will normally heat every billet individually, billet-to-billet temperature, diameter or length variations can be implemented without impairing the particularly close
temperature tolerance.  Apart from the custom-designed induction coil, Otto Junker's IGBT frequency converter – built into hundreds of installations and providing numerous parameter variation options (power, frequency) – is at the core of this technology. The system can be supplied with optional equipment such as transformers or water recooling systems.

Further unique selling points of the JunkerDynamicHeater(TM) include the following:

  • Ceramic melt protection tube reduces energy demand.
  • OTTO JUNKER billet trough conveyor system prevents scratches and scoring on the billet surface
    • Continuous comparison of measured and calculated values for optimum safety and reliability
  • IGBT converter and coil, as core components, are built in-house and tested/adjusted before shipment.

Where particularly high flexibility standards apply, induction heaters are preferably employed for the final heating step downstream of a gas fired heater.

Where electricity prices are favorable or no gas supply is a vailable, induction heaters are also a viable alternative for the entire heating process.

JunkerDynamicHeater(TM) - Multi Coil
JunkerDynamicHeater(TM)_Copper billet

JunkerDynamicHeater(Trademark) - SC

OTTO JUNKER's JuDy-SC is the small-footprint, low-budget solution. This easily retrofittable version of an induction heater is used to boost the output of an existing gas fired heater or to provide a temperature profiling ("taper") capability. It is characterized by its particularly compact design, given that the JuDy-SC unit, unlike a typical JuDy-MC, needs only one single short coil section. A special measuring and control process developed by OTTO JUNKER allows the temperature profile to be created dynamically during the passage of the billet.

JunkerDynamicHeater(TM) - Single Coil

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